Eyes 2aThe Vitki

The Vitki’s philosophy is about living a life in harmony with nature, respecting the world we live on and accepting it as a holistic entity of which we are all a part. The Vitki tradition includes theories of universal evolution and an understanding of our place within that scheme.

These pages will hopefully unravel some of the myths about the Vitki’s ways and also give a reasoned overview of our philosophy. You will not see very much history on this site, it is about a vibrant living culture as it is practised today. There are many sites out there that cover the history of Northern European cultures in their many forms, our interest is in the present.

Before you jump to conclusions and think we are trying to recreate something that is long gone, nothing could be further from the truth. True our beliefs and practices are the same that were practised by the Vikings and other Northern European peoples countless centuries ago. But we have travelled a long road and those old truths have not changed but our interpretation of them has evolved, as have the people who still follow them.

The Wise One has spoken words in the hall,Odin
Needful for men to know,
Unneedful for trolls to know:
Hail to the speaker,
Hail to the knower,
Joy to him who has understood,
Delight to those who have listened.

The Vitki’s roots are in the Nordic/Northern European shamanism that spread with the Viking and Norsemen’s travels across Europe. These pages can be identified with the Vitki of the Aslogian tradition specifically. We use the same mythology, philosophies and tools as the Vitkis of other traditions and our practises are the same. Where we may differ is in the interpretation of the mythology, when the stories were first told they were used as a vehicle to convey ideas and concepts to a relatively uneducated population in a time before scientific understanding when fear of the unknown and superstition were rife.

As time has evolved so has our understanding of the worlds we live in and peoples minds are more open to universal ideas and concepts, we are no longer inclined to take the stories literally and at face value. The story has not changed, the truth never changes, but how we interpret the story has. Esoteric storytelling everywhere in the world has relied on symbolism and allegory to get its message across, and our forebears were no different. On reading Snorri Sturlason’s writings it becomes clear that the poetry and prose of the time relied heavily on symbolic and allegorical coding.

In these pages we hope to divulge to you aspects of a philosophy which is as alive as it was in the days of the Vikings and Norsemen. A philosophy which has over the years brought many enlightenment, understanding and almost everything they could hope for in life, lives which have been an almost continuous series of adventures.