Sing Them


Galdr is a form of ecstatic singing or chanting of the rune names, poetry and prose. The sounds are used to invoke the runic or spirit energy a practise common in all shamanistic cultures. This practise replaces to a large degree the drumming traditions popular in other forms of shamanism.

When a Vitki creates anything with runes he uses the Galdr to empower the object chanting the rune name as he inscribes the runes on the object whether it be a tine or piece of jewellery. This chanting draws the energy into the physical plain and empowers the object with that energy.

During such a process the words of the Galdr will also be used to program the energy for a particular purpose. Many Vitki will use mainly the rune names as a mantra breaking off into short poetic stanzas occasionally, though there are some who will devise long and complex poems as the base for their Galdr, it is in the end what works best for you.