Send Them

Rune Sending

The runes are ‘handles’ by which we can manipulate energy, you raise the energy, programme it and send it to where you need to make changes. What we are doing is displacing the energy that makes up the Wyrd which causes a change in the manifestation of the Wyrd.

All life and ‘reality’ is a manifestation of the Wyrd and whilst anything exists it is part of and is manifested by the Wyrd. Our lives are governed by our position on the Wyrd and the prominent energy that manifests around us. So, by changing the energy within us or a situation we can change our position within the Wyrd. This concept is also linked to Orlog in that the energy (good or bad) that we generate within us helps dictate our placement in the Wyrd.

The obvious use of this (to most people) is to heal. Whether a person, an animal or even the planet, the healing process is the same. Though it has to be said the runes are used for many things other than healing.

In the popular media probably the most well known form of sending the runes is by a process called ‘Passing the Runes’ which was immortalised in the film The Night of the Demon. The runes are written on a piece of paper and given to the person who is to be effected. It is a system not used very much in reality as there are a lot more effective ways of sending runes.

The key to sending the runes effectively is the same as in all other runes practises, you must be able to tune into each rune energy. This is why knowing well them is so vital, they are one of the most important tools of the Vitki.

By whatever means you use for sending the principles are the same:

  1. Raise the rune energy(ies) through whatever method you have chosen (Galdra, invocation, ritual etc.),
  2. When you feel you have raised sufficient energy and have it contained in whatever medium you have chose (Tine, Draught etc.). Then you need to give it an intent, infuse it with the desire or aim.
  3. Then, at the appropriate moment (with experience you will learn when that moment is) project the rune stream towards its target and form a link. Once that link is formed and the energy projected, the programmed energy will start to flow.

One word of advice, when invoking rune energy always give it an intent and somewhere to go. Energy left hanging around can produce some undesirable results.