Know Them

The Elder Futhark

KnowThe Runes are one of the most powerful tools of the Vitki. They are used for divination, healing and working what is often called rune magic, though I prefer the term web shifting. Runes come in different shapes and alphabets depending on their age and location. Also different alphabets or “Futhark’s” as they are known have different numbers of runes in the set, ranging between 16 (Icelandic) and 31 (Anglo Saxon).

Listed below are the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, the oldest complete rune alphabet and the one from which most other alphabets evolved. To use the runes correctly and to their full potential the Vitki must become attuned to them aligning himself with their particular energies. Take the time to meditate on them and learn them and become one with them, putting in the effort now will bring great rewards later.

The Elder Futhark

rsfFEHU. This represents the primal creative force, the primal fire that comes out of Muspellheimr. It is the motivating force of the universe and one of the two primal energies from which all the other runes manifest. it is also a symbol of fertility and the creative forces within oneself. Equally in an uncontrolled form it can be a power of destruction.

MANIFESTATION – It is the vital force which runs through each of us and and all creativity, it can therefore be used extensively in healing, is also useful for empowering ourselves and increasing our creativity. Remember this is a primal energy and needs directing.

WHEN CAST – Money, creativity, an abundance of energy.

rsuURUZ. This is one of the runes of manifestation, the forming force which out of the fire in the ice begins a creative cycle of life. It was traditionally linked with Audhumla the cosmic cow that nurtured the Etin’s (Giants) at the beginning of time.

MANIFESTATION – Healing and the maintaining of strength, the utilisation of the natural cycles of the earth forces, stamina.

WHEN CAST – Situations building and growing slowly but steadily. A strong position.

rsthTHURISAZ. Mjollnir the hammer of Thorr, the power of the will projected, pure energy directed towards a goal.  The conscious direction of power, symbolised by the bolt of lightning it is one of the motivating forces of the universe.

MANIFESTATION – The defence against baneful and chaotic forces, also useful for when you need a quick burst of energy and for removing obstacles. This rune is commonly used for developing the power of the will.

WHEN CAST – A situation resolved by sudden action, a need to push forward resolutely. A point of no return.

rsaANSUZ. The power of inspiration that is the God Odin, numinous knowledge and spiritual power, shamanistic ecstasy the mysteries of communication between man and the divine worlds.

MANIFESTATION – The power of the shaman, inspiration, knowledge and wisdom and the rune of communication with Odin. Always good to use in times of need for that moment of Divine inspiration.

WHEN CAST – Listen to the inner voices, new ideas and communication with others.

rsrRAIDHO. The power behind the natural order of creation and the mechanics of the cosmos, divine law and evolution.  The rhythmic patterns found behind all things within nature.

MANIFESTATION – The correct outcome of events, harmonising oneself with the universal streams, the power of correct ritual actions.

WHEN CAST – A situation evolving in the correct way. A journey in life that is beyond your control but you must do.

rskKAUNAZ. The balance between fire and ice, the receptacle that holds the fire of creation, a controlled release of energy, creative channelling of energy.

MANIFESTATION – Controlling the flow of energy, the containment of primal forces the feminine nature of energy.

WHEN CAST – A time to let things happen and come to you. Trying to force a situation will not be productive.

rsgGEBO. The dualistic nature of creation the interaction of forces that bring something new into existence, the merging of energy streams. A force of conception and fertility.

MANIFESTATION – Mystical and non mystical union, raising power, harmony.

WHEN CAST – Partnerships, the coming together of two people. A gift.

rswWUNJO. The forming force behind the manifestation of combined rune streams, harmony, being.

MANIFESTATION – Harmonisation of energies, binding runes into directed form.

WHEN CAST – Peace Harmony and Joy in relation to the subject. Also ideas coming into being.

rshHAGALAZ. The framework of creation, the lowest point something can get to before it ceases to exist. The DNA of the Wyrd.

MANIFESTATION – The stillness of the void, containment of energy, attainment of mystical experiences of the void and knowledge, protection, destruction.

WHEN CAST – An ending, what was is lost. A turning point or moment of transition. Always shows a need to move forward.

rsnNAUDHIZ. The need fire that melts the ice, resistance to progress without learning, evolutionary process, bringing into manifestation, direction of will to overcome negative Ørlog.

MANIFESTATION – Overcoming negative Ørlog, development of spiritual and shamanistic powers, enchantment, sudden inspiration in times of need.

WHEN CAST – A lesson that needs to be learned. Progress through trial and tribulation. Friction between people.

rsiISA. Ice, that flows from Niflheim, antimatter, the force of attraction, the ego, concentration, restriction, the other of the two primal energies from which all the other runes manifest.

MANIFESTATION – Power of constraint, stagnation, constriction the of the primal creative force.

WHEN CAST – Stagnation, difficulties in making progress. Restraint and consolidation.

rs-jJERA. Harvest, cause and effect, the natural cycles of the universe, fruition, reward, the year.

MANIFESTATION – Fertility, creativity, bringing into physical manifestation, natural process.

WHEN CAST – Time to reap the harvest and sow new seeds. The natural end to a cycle or period in life.

rsyEIWAZ. The Yggdrasil, the world tree, the vertical axis, the power of initiation, rebirth, endurance and protection.

MANIFESTATION – Initiation, mystery of rebirth, spiritual endurance and strong will, mystical vision, personal power, communication between worlds.

WHEN CAST – Death and rebirth in relation to the subject. It is time to leave the past behind and move into the future.

rspPERDHRO. The force of Ørlog (Fate) the Nornic laws, for which past action is projected into the future, the power of the Norns, cause and effect, change.

MANIFESTATION – Divination, evolution of events.

WHEN CAST – The power of cause and effect, that which people call luck. Opportunities that should be taken, the time is right.

rszELHAZ. Communication with Odin, a mode by which Odin communicates with man, a rune of spiritual protection, the force that connects the 3 planes, connection between gods and men, protection.

MANIFESTATION – Protection, mystical communication, strengthening shamanistic power and life force.

WHEN CAST – Protection, use your inner resources, be guided by your intuition.

rssSOWILO. The Solar force, the shamans will, the power of the ego.

MANIFESTATION – Increase in spiritual will, success, honour, and victory by will.

WHEN CAST – Success and fulfilment. Self realisation and a winning streak.

rstTIRWAZ. The force of law and justice, justice brought about by Ørlog. The god Tyr, the god of justice and victory, known as the war god. Spiritual discipline, justice and order.

MANIFESTATION – Obtaining victory and success by just means and aw.

WHEN CAST – Justice, deserved success. A time to act correctly.

rsbBERKANO. The great mother, the feminine principle in all manifestation in the world, the feminine aspects, the birth, life and death cycle.

MANIFESTATION – Bringing ideas to fruition, protection, spiritual rebirth, the feminine archetype, containment, the hearth.

WHEN CAST – A woman. Growth and fruitfulness. The birth of new things.

rseEHWO. Harmonious interaction between two forces, harmonious duality,

MANIFESTATION – Acceleration within evolution, a source of wisdom, projection of Shamanistic will, swiftness, journeys to other worlds, fertility, marriage.

WHEN CAST – The Rune of legal marriage. Moving forward swiftly especially in partnerships. Journeys.

rsmMANNAZ. The rune of the archetypal Man, the power of intellect, the perfected man, realisation of the micro and macrocosm,

MANIFESTATION – Increasing mental powers, harmonising the personality, restoring inner balance.

WHEN CAST – A man. Mental well being and harmony. Clarity of thought.

rslLAGUZ. Basic unconscious manifesting life force, the source of all organic life, growth, vital power, the primal water.

MANIFESTATION – Guidance through initiation, increasing inner strength, accumulation, development of clairvoyance, one of the powers of the Volva.

WHEN CAST – Growth especially in emotional and spiritual matters.

rsngINGWAZ. The force of potential energy and gestation within the cosmos.

MANIFESTATION – The retention of power for shamanistic use, fertility rites, centring of energy and potential for the sudden release of energy.

WHEN CAST – Great potential. A situation that will need to be moved forward. A seed that has to be planted and nurtured to gain success.

rsdDAGAZ. The Odinic paradox, the point of change between worlds, the twilight rune, the mystic light between the worlds.

MANIFESTATION –  Reception of inspiration, attainment of mystical experience, shamanistic Journeying.

WHEN CAST – Confusion, deception, things not as they seem. A difficult time to proceed safely.

rsoOTHALA. The force that maintaining order, the power of accumulation and growth, through past knowledge, one of the monograms of Odin.

MANIFESTATION –  Inheritance of shamanistic power, evolution within the family, wealth and prosperity, receiving knowledge from the past.

WHEN CAST – Wealth, knowledge and stability. Inheritance, that which is passed from generation to generation.