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Let us take a look at some of the philosophies and theories behind the Vitki tradition. This should not to be thought of as a definitive dogma, shamanism does not work that way. Although shamanism is a holistic practise, it relies on individual experience. In shamanic terms no matter what any one tells you, no one can tell you the truth, you have to make the journey to find your own truth.

I can only give you the tools and show you the way to make that journey. Some of our principles parallel those of other cultures, one should however avoid automatically thinking they are the same. This becomes very apparent in the case of Orlog and the eastern philosophy of Karma which many people make the mistake of thinking they are the same thing. Although they both refer to the natural law of cause and effect they are indeed very different ideas.

The Wyrd

The philosophy that is central to all our practices has to be the Wyrd Philosophy. The Wyrd shows us the mechanics of life, in fact it is the essence of creation itself, the material that the divine inspiration uses to give form. It is through a knowledge of the Wyrd and the ability to see it and manipulate it that the shaman functions as a healer or seer and all things unseen.

The Wyrd can be best thought of as a giant web that stretches beyond space and time, even beyond the edges of creation. The strands of this web are made up of pure energy in its various forms, but unlike a spiders web, this web is three dimensional. Everything that exists is on this web and indeed part of it, it is the matrix of energy that causes manifestation. From the moment something is created to the moment it ceases to exist it is somewhere on the web.

Wherever some thing is on the web it will reflect the nature of the energies of that part of the web in its natural disposition. Therefore from a healing point of view someone with a disposition towards illness in their life is on a part of the web that has an excess of disharmonious energy. In healing that person the shaman needs to manipulate the web so that the person is ‘moved’ to a more harmonious part of the web. Web shifting as a means of healing although common is not all that the web is about. In the web the past, present and future all come together at one point, it is the place of the Norns; Skuld, Verdandi and Urd, the three sisters who weave the web of fate.

The most complex thing about the Web of Wyrd is its simplicity, because it is, in essence, so vast and so simple the modern logical human mind has great difficulty comprehending it. With time spent watching it manifest, seeing it ebb and flow, feeling it as part of you and finally realising you are one with it, then the understanding will grow. All levels of creation no matter how subtle or divine are still manifest from the power of the web, it flows through all three planes of existence and everything on those planes to some extent is reliant on its existence. This is the reason shamanism is considered a holistic philosophy, there is nothing in existence that is not somehow connected to everything else, we are all made from a part of the same substance and that substance is the Wyrd.


Orlog is often confused with Karma, though the two share similar mechanics they are very different philosophies. The Hindu system of Karma is very much centred around morality, guilt and carried forward debt, it also relies heavily on reincarnation to justify its parameters. Orlog on the other hand is a much simpler of view of the laws of cause and effect. There is no guilt associated with it, you are born with a clean slate and those limitations imposed upon you by the situation of your birth; what you do with your life is your responsibility. It is up to you to live your life in such a way that you will generate a good Orlog. There is no cop out, you cannot blame the fact that your life is miserable on some unknown event that happened in a previous existence.

By living your life in positive evolutionary manner or by going around filling the world with goodness you fill your aura with positive Orlog (and energy). If you have a negative approach to life or go around wallowing in fear and anguish then you will fill your aura with negative Orlog (and energy). You do not necessarily need to commit evil deeds to generate a bad Orlog, negative thought patterns filling your psyche will have a similar effect, conversely you do not only have to do ‘Good Deeds’ to gain a positive Orlog, the mechanics of Orlog are well beyond the confines of human morality. Once you have filled your psyche with a particular type of energy then the Wyrd kicks in, you will be drawn to a part of the web which resonates most with your particular energy type. Pain begets pain, joy begets joy, if you are of a depressive disposition this can have dire results as you are drawn into darker and darker cycles without ever understanding the reason why. This is one of the reasons why positive people so often seem to effortlessly realise their ambitions, they are unconsciously using the power of the Wyrd.