Read Me

Welcome, thank you for taking the time to look at these pages. If your interest has been stirred then let me explain a few things.

At first sight there appears little on this site, such is the way of the world. At first we look and see but do not see everything, not because it is not there but we do not understand what we see. What is visible to the world on these pages is enough to explain the way of the Vitki and maybe kindle a flame within your breast that will take you back to your roots. You may well be on the path already but still looking for a map?

I hide nothing, it is my way to share everything with those who are ready, but are you ready?  Those people who have a passion within to find their way back to the old Gods and whose blood is inflamed with the same spirit that guided our forbears, it is those who I consider ready. Those who are not ready will look, but will not see.

What does it take to follow the path of the Vitki? The answer to that question is simple. Commitment, hard work, practise and probably who you once were. Becoming a Vitki changes everything.

If the texts on the main pages appear nonsensical at first then you still have a way to go, the more you learn about the way the more you will understand them.

The Vitki