HornsI am Vitki,
I walk in the footsteps of my fathers, fathers.
A stranger in a strange land,
Odin spoke, I listened.

From a vision,
To a word,
To a deed,
So the path was begun.

Given to the Gods, Aslog I became,
I walked a long and lonely path,
Guided by the vision,
My spirit reawakened.

Troubled years I had,
Myself looking for myself,
My staff impaled in the earth,
Myself I walked away from.

To drink at Mimir’s spring I sought,
One draught I drank,
Knowledge won,
A sacrifice given.
(The Vitki)

These pages are dedicated to those who would follow in the footsteps of our heathen forbears, those who are the children of Heimdall and would know of the ways of the Aesir the Vanir and the Alfar. [Read all]